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Agasi Martial Arts Distributor

We are looking for Distributors for our products from all countries those are able & experienced to sale Martial Arts Products in their countries.
AGASI is unique as a manufacturer for Martial Arts products, provides a spectrum of merchandise from student level to high end equipment and clothing specifically designed for Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Silat, Boxing practitioners, designed for Martial Artist by Martial Artist. In addition to utilizing real life data for our products, we worked closely with high level grand masters, instructors, international & national level players and sports scientists to design the perfect blend of comfort, fit, breathability and durability.
If you become our distributor, we treat our Distributor as a member of AGASI family. We don’t let you down on all aspects of business & fame.

If you wish to be the Exclusive Distributor of our products in the whole or only a specified part of your country, pls provide us information about you & your company.

  • Or you may contact our managing directorMartial Arts Distributor
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